DINGO has mastered the blend of Western meets Fashion and that's where our influencers come in to continue telling our story. Partnering with us means being able to showcase our unique product to your audience while earning income along the way.

  • Micro Influencer Tier

    From 50K to 250K followers

    Requirements: This tier is accessible to anyone who meets basic engagement criteria, such as a minimum number of followers or regular participation in brand activities.


    • Access exclusive content like behind-the-scenes footage, sneak peeks, and early product releases.
    • Special discounts or promo codes for products or services.
    • Recognition on social media platforms or the brand's website.
    • Invitations to participate in user-generated content campaigns or contests.
    • Opportunities for collaborations with other micro-influencers within the program.
  • Mega Influencer Tier

    From 250k to 3M Followers

    Requirements: This tier targets influencers with a substantial following and high engagement rates.


    • All perks from the Micro Influencer tier.
    • Higher discount rates or exclusive deals on products or services.
    • Priority access to events, product launches, and brand-sponsored trips or experiences.
    • Personalized merchandise or gifts from the brand.
    • Opportunities for sponsored content creation and brand partnerships.
    • Access to a dedicated account manager or support team.
  • Celebrity Tier

    3M+ Followers

    Requirements: This tier is reserved for celebrities or influencers with a massive following and significant influence in their respective industries.


    • All perks from the Mega Influencer tier.
    • Customized product lines or collaboration opportunities with the brand.
    • Exclusive invitations to VIP events, private parties, or brand-sponsored trips.
    • Potential equity or profit-sharing opportunities with the brand.
    • Priority access to brand ambassadors or spokesperson roles.
    • Dedicated PR support and media exposure through the brand's channels.
    • Potential for brand endorsement deals beyond the loyalty program

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